November 4, 2022

Episode 77: Allecia Maine is The Animal Heeler

We are so excited to have a fabulous guest speaker!
For over 28 years she has been translating the truth of the animals for thousands of her clients by providing precise, accurate and lifesaving information to thousands of humans about their animal’s health, behaviour, soul partnership, natural leadership, nutrition, and crossing over issues.
She is a Master Animal Communicator, Holistic Dog Trainer, Medical Intuitive, Distance Body Alignment and Energy Medicine Healer, Natural Horsewoman and Soul Relationship Coach, as well as an Author/Workshop Presenter/PhD researcher.

Her work is based in the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong and the Quantum Physics principles that validate that Everything Is Energy and Everything Is Connected.

Allecia works with horses around the world, releasing body tension and unrecognized pain to allow for their bodies to realign themselves naturally and quickly which often shows up as a rapid shifts in behaviour and health issues. She holds a PhD in Holistic Health Counseling. She is the creator of Animal Heeler™ TV.

Join us Wed, to learn more from Allecia Maine!

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