This week on Equine Connection’s “What’s Right?” Series!
Have you ever wondered; 
👉“How do we try something new in the horse world?” 
👉“Can a family business stay alive in today's world?” 
🤩Today we chat with the beautiful and inspiring Joyce Gardner!
Joyce grew up just outside of Dryden, ON. For those of you who don’t know where that is, it is between Thunder Bay, ON and Winnipeg, MB. Growing up on a small family farm they always had animals around, horses being one of them.
As Joyce grew older, she grew out of the horse phase and went onto other things, later to have her daughter get her back into the horse world. For a long time, she had a dream of her daughters and her having some kind of business to help individuals in the area that needed it. 
She was sitting on the couch one night on Facebook, as one does, and ads for Equine Connection kept popping up and she was hooked. Joyce did some research into equine assisted learning and decided to take the leap of trying something new.
8 years ago, after countless hours on the road between Dryden and eagle river, where the beginning of our herd lived, she purchased an old store and transformed it into a working ranch.  
They have 136 acres, 8 teachers from 7 to 27 years of age, 2 dogs and 2 cats.  Joyce and her family are big on upcycling where possible so they moved and refurbished the old garage into a classroom, pounded some posts and peeled some trees for boards for the ring (they have since put up 2x6 boards) and they can now say they look like a true business.
Joyce worked with not for profit organizations over the last 25 plus years, which can be very stressful! Working with horses became her mental health outlet and doing it with her family was even more rewarding. Joyce’s oldest daughter is also a facilitator and together they are striving to get the message out about the power of working with horses.  
Have you ever wondered; 

“How can we keep going when things get tough?” 

“How do we think outside the box to keep our business going?” 
Today we have yet another phenomenal speaker to let you know what she has done to keep business going!
Alice Field is not only a Facilitator and Assistant Instructor, she also has extensive expertise in Corporate Human Resources with a focus on Learning & Development and Leadership. She completed the Equine Connection Inc Facilitator course in June 2017, enabling her to combine her past business experience with her lifelong passion for horses. Shortly after, Alice joined the Leading Edge team as the Director of Business Development. In 2018 she undertook further training to fulfill the role of Assistant Instructor with the Equine Connection Sydney campus. 
Working across all our programs, Alice is passionate about ensuring our clients achieve genuine and sustainable growth opportunities through our experiential learning-based curriculum. She brings a wealth of experience in skill development having supported clients through the design and facilitation of programs to build skills such as Leadership, Management, Communication Negotiation and Team Building.
Prior to joining the team, Alice was Vice President, Human Resources at the Macquarie Group in New York and Sydney. Throughout her career, she has held a number of HR Business Partner and HR Specialist roles for leading Investment Banks including UBS and Barclays. She started her career in Australia, before spending over 10 years based in the US, UK and Middle East.
Alice is an accredited NCAS riding Coach and when not in the office she enjoys riding and spending time with the horses.
➡️ What's right in continuing to run a business these days?
➡️ How did Equine Connection adjust?
➡️ What does the certification look like now?
🤩 Join us today to find out all of the changes that Equine Connection has made throughout these crazy times and how the course has changed up a bit to give you more time, more info and more options!

We have a super special guest! A certified fitness instructor, personal trainer and yoga instructor. 

The amazing Kelly Montford is also a daughter, sister and most importantly a mother, to three humans and two four-leggers.  

She was never athletic in her school years and was always more interested in curling up in the corner with a book or being outside. 

About 18 yrs ago, one of her children began developing health issues and Kelly needed an outlet.  She began running and lifting weights and noticed how my coping capacity increased.  As their lives returned to some sort of normalcy, she continued on with her fitness activities.  She had more clarity, more energy.  Her clothes fit better and she was happy.  She knew this couldn’t just be her, this had to be something that could help others.  

At the same time all of this was happening, She knew she needed a career change. 

Working at a desk inside was becoming less desirable and fulfilling.   

She made the leap, in her mid-thirties, and went back to post-secondary education -  earned her personal training certificate. From there, she has earned her 200-hour yoga training, then her 300 hour as well as group fitness and TRX training.

She was invited shortly thereafter to work with children in her local school district who, for whatever reason, weren’t able to partake in the mainstream physical education program. 

Now, alongside working with all ages and abilities on multiple levels, she has recently become part owner/operator of Strathmore’s Transcend Yoga & Wellness.

Have you ever wondered; 

“What’s right in how I run a horse biz?” 

“These are crazy times, is it even possible?” 

“What are some things I can do to keep moving forward?”

We have a super special guest! The lovely Jane Hemingway-Mohr who is not only just an all around amazing business and horse woman, but she is also our Instructor in Australia! 

Jane is an expert in authentic leadership development, combining her lifelong passion for, understanding of and extensive training in everything horses with her long history of corporate experience both in Australia and internationally. 

 Over the past several years, Jane has immersed herself in the world of equine assisted learning and all that she can learn from horses about herself and others.

Jane believes that horses are the ultimate life coaches, as they provide honest, immediate and unbiased responses to individual and group energy, intention, actions and body language. She says, “Quite simply, horses help people become better humans.”

After establishing her own performance horse boarding, training and coaching facility in 2011, Jane soon realized that there was much more to being with her equine partners than riding and ribbons. Keen to share this special insight with a broader range of people, she qualified as an Equine Assisted Learning facilitator with Equine Connection Inc – The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning, and established Leading Edge Life Skills in March 2015. In January 2017, Jane undertook further training to become the only certified instructor in the southern hemisphere for Equine Connection. 

Together Jane and her team – both human and horse – have hosted personal and professional development programs and workshops for literally hundreds of individuals. 

Jane is an accredited riding coach and competitive show jumping rider. She is married, has four children, three dogs, three cats and too many horses! (As if that were a real thing! Ha!)

National and International Marketing and Public Relations experience

Strong Marketing Communication skills, especially in writing and brand development

Establishing and running small businesses

Social Media

Website management

Speaks German and French

Riding Instructor

Passionate about animals and being everyone’s mum – our home is always full of people and animals - no one goes hungry or feels lonely 

Have you ever wondered;
👉“What’s right in how I communicate with my horses?”
👉“Am I totally hearing them?”
👉“What are some things I can do to keep moving forward?”
The amazing Leah Dyck  ⭐  joins us to tell us about this and so much more!
Leah brings a passion for wellness for both human and equine. She is co-owner of Stone Clad Farms, a Master level Reiki practitioner, a Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator, Facilitator of Guidance of the Horse (Wellness and Balance) and Teachings of the Horse (Equine Assisted Learning) programs as well as associated workshop offerings. She also manages a veterinary equine reproduction department during breeding season. Seriously! When does she sleep! 😴
Leah has an extra interest in holistic horse care with an integrated approach. Leah also participated in her mother's holistic health and wellness facility, Namaste, in Sherwood Park for its 10 year duration where she learned a variety of complementary health and wellness modalities.
Leah's primary goal is to give back. 😍 Horses have enhanced her life in a profound way and finding ways to share them with those who may otherwise not have the opportunity is a driving force. “Ultimately, these interactions are good for the horses and good for the people.” Leah says, “They create a ripple effect that flows out into the world in a positive way.”
Have you ever wondered; 
“What’s right in business today?”

“How are people making things work through COVID?

“What are some things I can do to keep moving forward?”
We have an amazing guest to start off answering these questions!  The amazing Michelle Mulholland from Ridgetown, Ontario is the owner and operator of Gully’s Learning Ranch and will be our first guest letting us know what has been right for HER business!
💛Michelle is a facilitator of a life skills development program that helps both youth and adults build interpersonal communication skills. Working with horses her entire life, she now has the opportunity to see first-hand throughout my life, the positive changes that the horse/human interaction provides. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from McMaster University, as well as a Diploma in Equine Studies and a Certificate in Equine Business Management, both from the University of Guelph.💛
🐴But working with people and horses does require… actually working with people. Something that has been pretty difficult over the last little while.

It’s our turn to be interviewed! 🤩Kent Boehm from @NineBusinessGroup will be joining us this morning to talk about Equine Connection and how we got to be where we are today! Tune in to hear all about how Equine Connection grew to be in the international 🌎organization it is today!

That’s right! We learned so much from Doug Walsh over the past few weeks and now we get to chat with the amazing Warwick Schiller to add even more to our “What’s Right?” toolbox!


Warwick looks at horsemanship as seeing things from the horse's eye’s, or from the horse's point of view. As humans, we tend to think we are smarter and know better, but time after time, the horse shows us, if we listen they will teach us. A horse knows better than a human about what a horse thinks. If we get the wrong answer, we need to change in order to get a different answer.🐴


The concept of making the right easy and wrong thing hard is said a lot, and sounds like a nice catchphrase for smart natural horse people, however, really understanding it and being able to apply is very different than just saying it.


See things as a horse, understand a horse so you can do this, study the horse so you can understand them and treat a horse like a horse, not what we want a horse to be, not what we are told a horse should be, not what we see a horse as in movies and not what we wished our horse would be.

A horse is only a horse and that is all they know how to be. 🐴❤️


Ahh… This gives us chills! Are you ready to open your mind and become the partner your horse has been waiting for? 😍


Join us to tune in and learn even MORE about what is right with horses!

The Third live with the amazing @DougWalsh from Dark Horse Natural Horsemanship will be about the gift of giving troubled horses a second chance. 


🐴Doug will tell us about two horses with significant behavioural misunderstandings that with horsemanship training were be able to embrace a new successful and happy life.

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