So we love TikTok. Yep, we do. But there are times it can be a little bit difficult and when people turn on you, WOW! They do it fast! 

After sharing Buddy, our horse's story, we discovered how you can end up on the bad side of TikTok and quick! 

It's funny how much you can see from a simple picture... if you really look. 

Today we talk about Equine Assisted Learning and ensuring the welfare of the horse is taken care of. It is not just about humans!  There are so many pictures out there that are used for marketing that show happy, smiley people, but the horses... don't look quite as happy. 

🌎 The World Needs YOU and especially your community! Take a trip and invest in you to bring this most purposeful career to your place and work with your horses in a completely different way! The best holiday ever is learning and working with horses!
🐴Are you ready to break ground with a game-changing equine-assisted learning certification?

Imagine having lifetime support for your entrepreneurial journey, PLUS understand how your horses communicate to have the most impact as a facilitator AND deepen/amplify their physical and emotional well-being! ❤️
This in-person training will take place from Monday to Friday, August 29-Sept 2, 2022 at the Equine Connection Campus.

Join us to learn about this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from the best in the business, so don't miss out!

The last few years have been tough on everyone. But families have really gone through the wringer! 

We have spent many years where families are busy, there is always a lot going on, to all of a sudden, NOTHING. 

We had to learn how to be together again... all. the. time. 

It's been tough. So we created a program just for families. 

Learn from a horse? What?!  

It's true, we can learn a ton from horses. All the essential life skills that we sometimes take for granted, or don't even think of. 

Join us to find out what we can learn from these amazing teachers and how we can rephrase the question... 

Because honestly, the question should be, "What CAN'T a horse teach us!"

June 23, 2022

Episode 64: WHY HORSES?

Why do we work with these incredible creatures? 

Is it just like working for a cat or a dog?

Why are they the teachers? 

Do they have magical powers?


Today we chat about why these creatures are such amazing teachers... and yea - we think they might be magical too. 

We have all heard that Communication is Key! 

But why?

Why does EVERYTHING seem to come down to communication?

Developing your communication skills can help all aspects of your life, from your professional life to social gatherings and everything in between. The ability to communicate information accurately, clearly, and as intended, is a vital life skill and should not be overlooked. And on top of all that, it is essential to understand what WE NEED out of communication.

Join us to learn more about the importance of communication and what you can do to become a better communicator!

Most horse people know the concept of pressure and release for horses, but how does that apply to life skills for human? 

Well, lots stop and think for a moment about all the pressures we are under every day… financial pressure, social pressure, pressure to be a good parent, a good student, or a good partner? To get everything we need to get done in a day while still finding time to sleep - all within a 24-hour period! It’s exhausting!  

So what’s the release? To a horse, the release of pressure is the “Thank you” so what is our “Thank you” to ourselves each day? Just to release some pressure?

Are we being appropriate in our assertiveness towards ourselves and others?

Join us to learn some ways to release that pressure! And if you have ways that work for you, please share them for others!

We have heard of relationship building as a soft skill, but what is the most important relationship we need to build?

 The one within ourselves.

What does it take to build a healthy relationship with yourself and how does that affect our relationships with others?

If we don’t know ourselves, our likes, dislikes, reactions, triggers, and driving forces, it can be very hard to build lasting and healthy relationships with others.

Join us for some tips and methods to start building that relationship within. Because after all - that is the most important relationship we will ever build.

➡️ Is it going to school? 

➡️ Life skills? 

➡️ Specific knowledge on one topic? 

➡️ How does gaining knowledge pertain to our lives? 

Knowledge is the fuel that drives us.  Gaining knowledge is deemed the “most primary activity that prepares man for a long and successful life”. 

So how does this relate to horses? How can a horse help us to build the knowledge we need to be successful in our lives.  

Join us to find out how a little bit of knowledge can go a long way, and why it is an essential first step in Equine Assisted Learning!

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