September 7, 2022

Episode 70: Are you a liability? 🤔

👉You’re a liability to your business if you don’t understand both the horse language and welfare, as well as how to successfully run your business.
In fact, you are a liability to the equine industry.
It sounds like a harsh standpoint, but it is up to all of us as horse people to ensure that we are doing the best by them and taking their welfare, communication and overall nature into account in everything we do. ❣️
➡️ Equine Connection is going to be rolling out a new course. Not a certification, but to get to know the culture and language of your horses on a completely different level. If you are already an EAL, EAPD, or other Equine Assisted Practitioner, then this is for all of you too.
Join us to find out more about what this is all about, some of the knowledge you will learn and how you can move forward and continue to grow as a horse person!

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