June 9, 2022

Episode 62: Pressure and Release? Is there a release?

Most horse people know the concept of pressure and release for horses, but how does that apply to life skills for human? 

Well, lots stop and think for a moment about all the pressures we are under every day… financial pressure, social pressure, pressure to be a good parent, a good student, or a good partner? To get everything we need to get done in a day while still finding time to sleep - all within a 24-hour period! It’s exhausting!  

So what’s the release? To a horse, the release of pressure is the “Thank you” so what is our “Thank you” to ourselves each day? Just to release some pressure?

Are we being appropriate in our assertiveness towards ourselves and others?

Join us to learn some ways to release that pressure! And if you have ways that work for you, please share them for others!

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